2019 International Energy Storage and Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Conference & Exhibition

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SNEC 2019 Exhibition Procedure Walk-through
1. Move-in Date: 
June 1  2019 13:30-18:00
June 2  2019 09:00-22:00
June 3  2019 09:00-22:00
 Move-out Date:June 6, 2019 15:00-22:00
The closing time of SNEC (2019) PV POWER EXPO is 15:00 on June 6 , 2019 . Exhibits move-out before this time is not allowed.

2. All exhibitors and contractors must obey the time schedule set by the Organizing Committee. Exhibitors are required to inform the Organizing Committee of any overtime work before 15:00 each day during stand construction time and pay the overtime fees in cash. Overdue application will be charged an addition 50% late fee.

3. Exhibitors of raw space booths should submit the application materials and booth design drawings to the Organizing Committee for the approval by the Expo Center and Fire Security Department from March 15 , 2019. Single-storey stand at a height exceeding 4.5m, Two-storey, multi-storey and outdoor stands will go through drawing review by the Expo Center before April 26, 2019 Overdue application will be charged an addition 50% late fee. A space of 50cm should be left between panels and wall. Exhibitors and contractors of single-storey booths must have no structure in their stand fitting higher than 4.5 meters, the vertical orthogonal projection can not exceed the scope of reserved area and two-storey stand can not exceed 6 meters in height.

4. The height limit of indoor single-story booth is 6m, height limit of indoor two-story and multystory booth is 7m. All indoor & outdoor booths (including single-storey, twostorey, and multystory booths) with height of or above 4.5m must be reviewed and approved by the Expo Center.
It is suggested the design height of single-storey booth to be under 4.3m in case the actual booth height exceeds 4.5m. For two-storey and multy-story booths with a suspended structure less than 1\4 of total booth space , the charge of Design Drawing Review will also include single-storey area that exceeds 4.5m in height (see Form 3A for rates). The exhibitor shall be responsible for any delay thus caused.
All booth structure (including light, TV, etc.) shall be within the rented booth space and shall not block fire escape. The organizer has the right to request the exhibitor to eshape the booth.
Hoisting Point is ONLY open to indoor raw space over 108sqm.
If contractors violate the regulations and have no ability to revise the booth, they will be fined RMB 500/notice and the resetting work will be dealt with by the official stand contractors at exhibitor's own expense. The fee will be deducted from the deposit.

5. When you set up your booth after the booth construction and exhibits move-in, please pay close attention to our fire and safety regulations. All construction and decoration material must be fireproof. Elastic cloth is prohibited. Moving, blocking and damaging fire protection equipment is prohibited.

6. Registration of Booth Contractor: booth contractors are requested to register at organizer's office (Add: RM905-907 No 425 Yishan Rd, Xuhui District, Shanghai 200235, PRC) during April 10 to May 24, 2019. Contractors should settle deposit, construction management fee, additional furniture rental fee, facility rental fee, drawing review fee, etc.

7. Special requests: please contact the Organizing Committee before April 26, 2019 for special requests such as overweight exhibits and combining standard booths.

8. Company name for booth header board (standard booth only): please confirm your company name for booth header board by using the "on-line service centre" before April 26, 2019 .

9. Additional furniture/facility renting: please confirm your order by using the "on-line service centre" before April 26, 2019. Overdue application will be charged an addition 50% late fee.

10. Exhibit shipment: please fill out the "Instruction Order " and contact the official freight forwarders.

11. Badges pre-ordering: booth contractors have to pre-order Contractor Badge through the real-name authentication under the unified registration, checking, photos, production, and management of the Expo Center. Contractors could bring the Receipt of Deposit  to the Badge Centre of Exhibition Hall 10 days before the show to order badges.
Exhibitors could pre-order their badges by using the "on-line service centre". Please fill out the Exhibitors Registration Form and the organizer will send the badges to exhibitor by courier. Overseas exhibitors can pick up the badges onsiteupon arrival.

12. Belongings: you are responsible for the safety of all your exhibits and personal belongings. It is not recommended to keep cash, expensive equipments or other valuables on-site unless it is necessary. If you have to store valuables on-site, please notify Expo Center's security department or the Organizing Committee.

13.The due date of exhibition service fee is May 14, 2019. Exhibitors and contractors must
 make sure to settle payment before deadline. Additional 30% fee will be charged if
 overdue (except for Deposit, Hanging Point and Furniture). If the venue is charging 
 an extra 50% for urgent handling, additional 30% fee will be charged if overdue .Credit card payment for construction deposit will not be accepted. Overseas RMB remittance will not be accepted.
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